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Here at Haddad Subaru, we want to make sure you know basic Car Care Tips so that you're able to take care of your Subaru.  Some tips will help you save money, some will help you save on gas and all of them will help you keep your Subaru running a long, long time!  In addition to the tips below, you might also be interested in:

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  1.  Tighten up your gas cap. Gas will evaporate from the tank if it has a way to escape. Also a loose gas cap will turn on the check engine light

  2.  Pump up your tires. A vehicle with under inflated tires will handle poorly and cause excessive wear to your tires, in addition to causing gas mileage to decrease by as much as 15%

  3.  Replace Air filters. A dirty engine air filter can cause gas mileage to drop by 10% and cause your engine to work harder. Air filters should be checked with every oil change

  4.  Be sure to use the right oil for your vehicle, Today's engines are designed to work with specific oil grades, failure to use the proper one can cause engine wear and damage and might even turn on your check engine light.

  5.  Check your tire pressures. Pressures should be checked once a month and before every long trip. A 10 degree drop in air temperature can cause tires to loose between 1 to 1.5 pounds of air pressure.

  6.  Don't skimp on maintenance. Be serious about car care, your vehicle's performance depends on it! Oil and filter changes are critical to the well being of your auto

  7.  Keep it in tune! A properly tuned engine will last longer, run better and provide better fuel economy.  A worn or misfiring spark plug can rob as much as 30% of your fuel efficiency!

  8.  Check your wipers before you need them! At least twice a year, check the wiper blades and replace them if they are worn or torn. Damaged blades could scratch your windshield not to mention it's hard to see when that unexpected thunderstorm shows up!

  9.  Protect your finish. Be sure to use a quality wash product to clean the exterior of your vehicle. Harsh chemicals can actually strip off the protective finish and damage the paint. Never let bird droppings or tree sap stay on your car's finish for very long, they can permanently damage the finish.

  10. If your vehicle has a cabin air filter, that cleans the air coming into your heating and air conditioning system, they should be checked and replaced if needed every 15,000 miles. A dirty filter will decrease the performance of your heating and air conditioning system and who wants to breathe dirty air?

  11. Check your lights every month. Once a month turn on your lights and walk around the vehicle making sure all your lights work especially the often overlooked license plate lamps, this will make it safer for you driving at night and might save you from a ticket!

  12. Have your drive belts checked every 30,000 to 35,000 miles, if there are any signs of fraying or cracks they should be replaced. A belt can break unexpectedly   and leave you stranded.

  13. All engine hoses should be checked for signs of wear or leakage after 60,000 miles. If a hose breaks while you are on a trip, it could cause engine damage and delays in your trip

Check back for more helpful tips; we'll be updating this page throughout the year.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email our service department
  or call us at 888-697-7112.


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