You Think Your Subaru Blew the Head Gasket. Now What?

In life there are a few certainties. Taxes. Bills. Cars break and sometimes require costly repairs.

One of the most dreaded parts of a car that can break and cost money to repair or replace is the head gasket. While the part itself is relatively small and inexpensive, replacing it can be expensive because of where it sits within the car's engine.

At Haddad Subaru in Pittsfield, our goal is to make your car-buying and ownership process as easy and transparent as possible. That includes explaining this costly repair and what it means for you.


Where is the Head Gasket and what does it do?

  • The head gasket is squeezed inside the engine, compressed between the engine block and the cylinder head.
  • The head gasket keeps your engine's fluids from mixing, preventing the coolant and the oil from combining as the two work their separate ways from the engine block to the cylinder head.

What Happens When a Head Gasket Fails or is "Blown?"

  • The head gasket is considered "blown" when it stops doing its job and when those two fluids suddenly combine.
  • The head gasket can fail for a number of reasons, including engine overheating.
  • When the head gasket fails, you will most likely notice an ominous knocking sound coming from the engine.

Can I Replace or Repair my Head Gasket Myself?

  • Typically, the head gasket repair is too in-depth for the average car owner.
  • Thanks to the head gasket's deep-seated location within the engine, the repair or replacement usually requires the help of a maintenance expert.
  • Head gasket repair is a lengthy, six-step process, which is why it requires an expert and why it can run the repair bill so high.

Subaru Head Gasket and Other Service Available in Pittsfield

The next time your Subaru from Haddad Subaru needs any repair, whether it's a head gasket replacement or routine maintenance, you can count on our expert service center to give you the right advice and professional care.

The service center is located here at the dealership, on East Street in Pittsfield, and it's convenient to a large area of western New England, including Northampton, West Springfield, and Bennington. The service center is also easy to use, with convenient online appointment scheduling and Saturday hours available.


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