What exactly is a "Doc Fee"?
The Documentary Preparation Fee is collected to offset the cost incurred by our dealership in processing the paperwork associated with the sale or lease of a vehicle. Dealers are responsible for the preparation and processing of many documents for each sale or lease transaction while abiding by state and federal regulations that ensure the safe and accurate handling of information. The doc fee covers not only the processing and preparation of these documents, but also the storing and archiving of these documents as required by state law. Actual expenses incurred by the dealer and recovered by the doc fee varies by dealer, location and transaction, but all transactions must meet many legal requirements as detailed in the documents presented to the customer. 

What are all these forms? 
As you can imagine, vehicle transactions have become complicated and demand an unwavering attention to detail. Many of the forms you are required to complete are required by Massachusetts and federal laws; others are necessary for accounting and financing; others are required by the manufacturer. However, costs related to financing for the deal itself (obtaining and processing credit applications, processing retail installment sale contract, etc.) are not included in the dealer doc fee by law, nor is the Title Preparation Fee, which you will see on a separate line item on your sales contract. 

Your privacy is important to us 
When processing a sale or lease, we are required to collect non-public, personal information from our customers and we do not take that lightly. We comply with all federal and state laws designed to protect your information, as well as requirements established by franchisor manufacturers.

This list of rules, regulations, and administrative responsibilities above are not meant to be comprehensive or exhaustive: they are for explanatory and illustrative purposes only. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Chris Kramek, General Manager, at 413-442-1584.

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