Haddad Subaru Dog Of The Week

Our goal?A home for every dog!

We have always admired the Berkshire Humane Society's efforts to find the right home for every pet they shelter. That is why Haddad Subaru is pleased to partner with the Berkshire Humane Society by presenting the Haddad Subaru 'Dog of the Week'. Each week, one great dog will be highlighted in our showroom, on our website and through our advertising. If the chosen dog is adopted within that week, we will donate $50 towards the adoption fee!
We hope that by spotlighting one lovable dog a week, we will help them find forever homes that much quicker!

Hello, my name is Wynette! 
I am a very high energy girl who loves to run around outside in the pen! There is not a lot known about my history, but I will need a patient owner who is willing to work with me on my house training and obedience. 
I sometimes get a little jumpy and mouthy when I am overexcited. I am currently working with the kennel staff on some resource guarding issues, as I can be very overprotective of my food and toys. I am doing better, but because of this, I would do best as the only pet in an adult only household. Could I be the playful, loving dog you are looking for?

Think this gorgeous girl is your perfect match?
Contact Berkshire Humane Society at (413) 447-7878 to set up a meet & greet!