The Subaru Trade Up Advantage Program Will Exceed Your Expectations

Are you leasing your Subaru, and you're ready to trade-in? Or are you trying to upgrade your Subaru for more technology features? At Haddad Subaru, we know just the solution. The Subaru Trade Up Advantage Program helps you get a brand-new Subaru for less than what you might expect. There are plenty of advantages of when you buy a new Subaru with us that we don't want you to miss out on. You can talk to us today to learn about our new models and how the program works. Our Subaru models are fun to drive and enhance your adventures around the Pittsfield and North Adams areas.

When you explore this outstanding program, you might find that you are already eligible sooner than you think. You can fill out our online form to discover if you're eligible for a new and innovative Subaru model to get more of what you love. If you can upgrade your Subaru, you can find one that gives you

  • Personalized offer tailored just for you
  • Award-winning longevity and value
  • More industry-leading safety and technology features

Whether you want to drive the new Subaru Crosstrek, Subaru Impreza, or Subaru Forester, you'll be able to experience our new technologies, such as our safety features. These features give you peace of mind with sensors and cameras, so you are aware of your surroundings. Our other technology features include integrating your smartphone to your new Subaru so you can feel connected to your car and your outside world wherever you drive.

Subaru models hold their value well and for a long time, which is why you may be able to trade in your vehicle for a new Subaru today. You could get a new Subaru that could have lower or similar monthly payments to help save. When you find the perfect match, you can guarantee that your adventures will be bigger and better.

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