Play The Subaru Pet Game with Haddad Subaru!

Are you a Subaru lover, just as much as you are a pet lover? If you’re a driver or pet owner in North Adams and Great Barrington who is looking to spread the popularity of your precious pet while adding to a beneficial cause that helps animals at the Berkshire Humane Society, here at Haddad Subaru, we’ve created a game that helps out the animals in need.

How to Play the Subaru Pet Game

For years we have been involved with the Berkshire Humane Society, and they have done everything from car raffles and adoption events with their dedicated employees. The Subaru Pet Game is designed to benefit the animals who are waiting for a new home and owner, and as animal lovers here at our Subaru dealership, we wish to assist in any way possible while making it fun for drivers and pet lovers in Bennington, VT, and Williamstown.

The way you can play is easy and you all you have to do is take a picture of your pet and post a picture on any one of our Haddad Subaru dealer social media platforms with the hashtag #Haddadpetgame. For every pet picture we receive, our dealership donates to the Berkshire Humane Society!

We Welcome All Pet Lovers to Play!

We strive to make a difference in our communities, and we welcome all pet lovers and Subaru lovers to participate in our online interactive game that helps the animals who need love and care the most. Send us your pet pictures today and help out the Berkshire Humane Society with Haddad Subaru!

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