Looking for Used Vehicles with Lower Mileage?

The appeal for a Subaru is widely known, as this brand continues to grow. Who's surprised? Subaru models are known for their safety, style, performance, and reliability. When it comes to older used models, that reliability becomes an important quality to hold on to. The best determinant on quality, however, comes from a low rate of mileage on the vehicle. Often it can be difficult to find a used model under 30k miles, but fortunately for you, here at Haddad Subaru we have a whole stock of them!

We have tons of models and brands ranging in the year, price, trim, and make. However, the common denominator is that they all rest under 30k. Our low mileage, used inventory has a wide selection from 2017 Chevrolet Malibus, to 2006 Corvettes, to 2013 Honda models, you can find just about anything in our used inventory. Especially considering that it's in constant flux and rotation. If you keep checking, the model you look for has a great shot to surface.

Why is under 30k miles so important?

Used vehicles provide a ton of savings in comparison to newer models. Price drops can be attributed to the beneficial effects of depreciation, that help lower the cost. However, sometimes wear and tear are highly visible, and it affects the quality. This is never a concern with our under 30k miles inventory, as you save a ton and are sure to have a model that runs like new!

We always try to put the best quality possible on our lot, that's why many of our vehicles have CarFax History Reports, and every model goes through a rigorous background check.

Whenever you find yourself in the market for a low-usage, pre-owned vehicle at a great price, stop by Haddad Subaru and check out our under 30k lot to see what we have in store. We are positive you'll find a vehicle that works in your favor, all at a great price.

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