Subaru is an Official Beast

Guess what just earned the official title of “Beast of the East?” If you own or are in the market to buy New Subaru Cars and SUVs, then you've got (or will get) yourself (or will get) a verified beast! Subaru America and Subaru's New England division wants to make sure every Subaru beastmaster visiting Pico Mountain or Killington in Vermont will reap the title's benefits.

Known for being the go-to car for adventurers that also value vehicle safety, Subaru owners will get the ultimate VIP treatment. These perks include:

  • Exclusive Parking Privileges at Both Resorts
  • Shuttle Vehicles
  • Concierge Services
  • Various Surprises and Gifts During the Celebratory Event

Thanks to Subaru's first WinterFest, the company has formed a partnership with the Resorts to celebrate the season and promote winter-based events, like skiing and snowboarding down the great slopes of the Green Mountain State. Partially founded on longtime requests from a massive Subaru fanbase, the company wanted to find a way to reward customer loyalty and the traditionally active lifestyles that many of the brand's owners enjoy.

Another bonus is that these two locations aren't the only places that will join WinterFest. Pico Mountain and Killington Resort are part of a collective of ski-centered resorts known as Powdr, a company that promotes adventurist lifestyles. Other resorts that get to take part in WinterFest include Boreal, Copper Mountain, Soda Springs, Mount Bachelor, Snowbird, Woodward Park City, and Eldora Mountain. One of the highlights of the winterlong event includes a series of concerts that feature big-name artists.

If you aren't the proud owner of a Subaru, are you ready to be one yet? If you already have your very own beast, keep your eyes peeled! A full setlist of WinterFest events will post soon. Visit or follow the festivities on Twitter at #SubaruWinterFest. Get ready to grab your skis and snowboards. It's going to be a fun Subaru season!

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