Why Should Car Shoppers from Austerlitz, NY Visit Haddad Subaru?

Maybe you're ready to buy a new Subaru. Maybe you're ready to find a trustworthy service center that can take care of your car. Or maybe you're just interested in going to a car dealership that takes your individual needs seriously. Whatever your reasoning, now is a better time than ever to make the drive from Austerlitz, NY to Haddad Subaru in Pittsfield.

We get many visitors from our neighbors in Austerlitz, and we strive to impress each one with our resources, inventory, and supportive staff.

  • Location: Haddad Subaru is only a 30-minute drive from Austerlitz. We're right at the heart of Pittsfield, just east of the New York/Massachusetts state line.
  • Selection: We have all the popular new Subaru models available at our dealership. From the family-friendly Ascent to the focused and fast BRZ, you'll be able to experience these capable vehicles for yourself. Plus, we have a wide array of pre-owned vehicles available for value-conscious shoppers.
  • Services: It's more than just great cars that Haddad Subaru offers to Austerlitz drivers. We aim to take care of all your automotive needs, from simple financing to quality maintenance.
  • Customer Care: Above all else, we care about your wellbeing. Every customer from Austerlitz who comes to Haddad Subaru gets the attention and care that they deserve. Your satisfaction tops our list of priorities.

Ready to stop by? Check out directions page to find an easy route from Austerlitz. We'll be ready to help you upon arrival.

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