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The Dreaded Blown Head Gasket Explained


At Haddad Subaru we love all of our Subaru-made cars, and we know each model we sell comes with state-of-the-art engineering and construction standard.

But, we also know that the world of car-engineering isn't perfect and things can break and need repair, even on our wonderful Subaru-made cars.

This video explains the design philosophy and mechanical engineering that goes into each Subaru boxer-style engine. While it's a wonderful piece of ingenuity and runs great for a long time, we know it's not infallible.


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Wondering what makes Subaru so special? Haddad Subaru explains it all


Subaru cars are designed and built to get our drivers where they're going safely and securely. Not only do they do that with style, they also do that through a world-class combination of mechanical engineering and innovative safety features.

At Haddad Subaru, we understand that might just sound like a lot of words to you. So, we've put together a little informational page, to illustrate exactly what we mean with all those words.


Today's Fan Photo Friday is from @someguy. Serenity now.

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Don't Settle for Anything Less than the Best for Your Subaru

Are you the DIY type who likes to repair your car at home or do you rely on the Subaru expert technicians at Haddad Subaru? Either way, don't settle for anything less than the best when it comes to replacement parts and custom-ordered accessories.

There are a number of important benefits to using only Subaru-manufactured parts for your car from Haddad Subaru.

Using generic, after-market parts might make sense in the short term because they tend to be a little cheaper at first. However, the costs add up later when they need to be replaced frequently or don't…

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The Subaru Accessories You Want at a Price You'll Love


Subaru-made cars are perfect just the way they are. But, at Haddad Subaru we understand that sometimes our customers want to add special accessories to customize their car the way they want it and make it work better for their lifestyle.

From bike racks and ski racks, to kayak carriers and rooftop cargo boxes, our parts and accessories department can help you get the things you need to make your car work for you.

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Like-New Subaru Cars at a Great Value AND with a Manufacturer Warranty? Sign Us Up


Shopping for a new car can be fraught with questions. The first and biggest question that comes up is "new car or used car?" With the certified pre-owned Subaru selection at Haddad Subaru, you never have to question the value of buying a used car ever again.

Don't take our word for it though. Check out the trophy case Subaru has amassed, proving their used cars are the best:

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Subaru Has Its Eyes on your Safety With Latest Technology


At Haddad Subaru, our customers already know they can count on Subaru-made cars to safely transport them and their families. The cars we sell have been scoring high in government crash tests for years, thanks to the safety features Subaru puts into each car they make.

But, with the innovative safety technology Subaru is packing in their new models, these cars aren't just safe in case of an accident, they're also actively avoiding crashes all by themselves.

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Genuine OEM Subaru Parts

We at Haddad Subaru know how rewarding it can be to work on your own car. There's nothing quite like the feeling of accomplishment you get when you successfully identify and solve the problem. Of course, the problem with being your own mechanic is that it can be difficult to get parts. That's where we come in.


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The Berkshires Have a Lot to Offer—Nestled Among Them, Our Wide Selection of New & Used Subaru Models! Join us at Haddad Subaru Today

The Berkshires is a special place—but you already know that if you’re someone from Pittsfield, Northampton, West Springfield, MA or Bennington, VT.



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